Home page on a mobile device Mobile application checklist page Mobile majors and minors table Mobile footer menu
User-interface components were designed and tested on small- and large-screen devices in tandem to ensure that even the most complex information was usable and useful across a variety of browsers and input methods.
Facts, figures, and rankings page on a desktop computer
Unlike some modern University sites, which function as a superficial ‘brochure’ and directory of standalone sites, our goal was to consolidate, standardize, and curate content from disparate sources into one holistic website. Detailed, search-optimized pages like this one were assembled to answer common questions from our prospective audience.
Student spotlight article Academic major detail page
In collaboration with our Information Architect, I proposed and executed a design and content strategy that married funtional page content with editorial post content. Student stories added richness and authenticity to our academic majors pages while providing inbound marketing opportunities and increased organic search traffic.
Majors and minors table on a desktop computer Shuttle route schedule table
In addition to being mobile-friendly (see above), we reduced the complexity of tabular data by allowing users to search, filter, and hide extraneous information to reduce cognitive load.
Majors and minors table admin page Modal window to edit an individual record in the majors in minors table
I also designed a variety of custom user-inface components for the site's admin panel to streamline the editing experience for content managers.