Syracuse Community Calendar

Product Design

Expanding upon the design language and functionality of, my team built and launched the Syracuse Community Calendar in 2019 to align university students, schools, colleges, and administrative divisions under a central event publishing and promotion platform. Focused on event discovery, curation, and search-engine optimization, the calendar product enabled anyone with a university email address to publish events happening on campus and around the globe.

Three months after its official launch, the community calendar had already become one of the university’s most highly-trafficked sites—and its only continued to grow since.


  1. Events landing page
  2. Single event details page
  3. Event submission pages
While digital calendar products commonly offer a kitchen-sink of browsing modalities—like a grid-based month view reminiscent of a physical wall calendar—we worked hard to keep things simple. Using a single listing style, we surfaced event topics and types to promote event discovery and single-day pages to provide a functional, date-based alternative.
To ensure flexibility and resiliency, single event detail pages were designed to accommodate detailed events with rich photography and comprehensive descriptions as well as events with ‘thin’ content, like academic deadlines.
A comprehensive, accessible, and mobile-friendly submission page enabled anyone with a university email address to submit new events and manage previous submissions—all from the front-end of the site.
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